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Everything about Mindfulness

Wellness through Happiness

Your Journey to Happiness…

Organisational & LeadershipWellness

Wellness through Happiness

“Wellness through Happiness” program offers in-depth intelligence on varied aspects of life & living that include:

Fear & Anger

Success & Failure

Relationship & Sex

Awareness & Mindfulness

Love & Beauty

Religion & Spirituality

and many more…

At all levels, physical, mental, emotional, materialistic and spiritual, can you see a life without Happiness?

For, living well is Wellness

Explore your journey into happiness and we will be your Happiness Partner

Mindfulness Meditation

Wellness Through Happiness Club

Wellness Through Happiness Retreat

Wellness through Happiness Program

Happy Couple – For To be Wedded & Wedded Couples

Hygge Moment – Share Your Happiness



Discover India and The Indian Way of life and Living.
Traditional Wisdom Unravelled
Connecting modern minds to age old practices & scriptures…
Insights on popular questions over centuries.

You, I & The Gita




Certificate Courses on Mindfulness

A one of its kind program to provide you with in-depth insights on what mindfulness is all about and how to be mindful in today’s world, well defined by rat races…

The journey is taken into different dimensions covering varied learning aspects & concepts as to how it is applied in various settings like organisational, educational, counselling, leadership, professional & personal.

Comprehensive Modules

Flexible Learning Approach

Flexi – time

Behavioural Reflection.
Intellectual Development.
Growing Enlightment


KadhaiTales is about how to weave a story that touches and reaches the mind of the audience and how you can make an impact after you finish your pitch or interaction.

KadhaiTales brings in elements of Mindfulness , Neuroscience, Education, Mythology, Business Management and Leadership into storytelling to varied learners such as ,



Counselling and Psychotherapy

Consultancy Services
Research & Development

Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy blends global practices in the arena of both Mindfulness & Consultancy through a combination of human capital, knowledge management and technology deployment.

We offer Critical & outcome driven solutions in the areas of:

Conscious Organisations

Mindful Schools

Mindful Leadership

Mindful Living

Mindfulness based psychotherapy

Research & Development

Sustainability, Simplicity & Synthesis are the hallmarks and key approaches to our R & D.

We engage and collaborate with individuals, institutions and organisations to further knowledge management & development in the domain of Mindfulness.

Consultancy Services

Research & Development

Our Approach

Engaging, Interactive, Interesting and highly Impactful…


Cognitive Training Approaches
Anecdotal Ideation
Insight Building Questions

Effortless Practices

Timeless Takeaways


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