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5:30 pm IST

Mindful Storytelling time with Manjula

Amma… I’m bored!

A mindful story on what boredom is and how to end it!

Who would not love to listen to stories?

Be it from kids, students, grandparents, parents, friends, teachers, colleagues and anyone whom we meet, talk, share and narrate stories consciously and otherwise. We, at KadhaiTales look at stories not only as an entertainment/infotainment, a relaxation, a platform to share, listen, open up but also as a gift of knowing and understanding yourself better through the goodness of stories and storytelling.  Being in the present, moment by moment, mindfully with complete awareness of  yourself and your surroundings through stories is an enriching and empowering experience. Our Mindful Storytelling Time captures and offers the subtle yet intricate aspects of life and living to you and your children wrapped with lots of fun, laughter, surprises, explorations and loads of love, care and sensitivity !!!

Who can attend this session?

  • Kids & Students
  • Parents & Grandparents
  • Teachers & Academicians
  • Caretakers & Counsellors

Charges: Rs. 300/- per child Rs. 450/- per parent and a child
Time: 530 pm – 630 pm
Venue: AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness (P) Ltd
# 9, Race Course
Coimbatore – 641 018
Age: 7 – 12

Call : +91 96889 66449 for registrations

The story of KadhaiTales…!!!

The story of KadhaiTales is a unique and interesting one! As a learner, parent, teacher or as an institution/organisation if you’d closely watched the way stories are told and the approach to storytelling, it’s based on the following…
A. Stories are based on moral issues, eventually making the listener, that’s you and your children uncomfortable as it’s obvious that these moral values come out of our critical judgements. This compromises your individuality and most of them box you into categories as per society you live in! Let’s make it clear stories and storytellers have no business to judge you!
B. Stories of “great men” that have to inspire you, are actually making you feel small and threaten you for you being yourself! They constantly push the listener into becoming and never allow you to enjoy the beauty in the being! Ambitions, goals, planning, motivation, inspiration and the rest of it are pushed down your throats to make you feel small and that as if your life is just useless and has no meaning or purpose without these external inspirations!
C. Stories of fairy tales and other popular books and franchises are just “reproduced”! Sometimes it’s necessary, but do not forget, you’re told to imagine in a particular line of thought, a particular way and even imagination is engineered!
How KadhaiTales differs?
At KadhaiTales we offer #mindful #stories, the fundamental aspect of mindfulness being, is being without any sort of #judgements, condemnation, comparisons and enjoying yourself happily for what you’re! These stories help you to rewrite your own life stories not by any temporary external motivation or inspiration, but a deep understanding of yourself. Our stories helps you to understand yourself better and offers the necessary insights to end your fears, worries, loneliness, boredom and so on in the most engaging and interesting way!
Come have a conversation with us to know more and understand how KadhaiTales can help you, your kids and your organisations to unleash the power of the present and now through mindful #storytelling!
Rewriting the history of stories and storytelling, storytelling will never be the same again!



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About the Storyteller

Manjula, is a Founder Director of AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness (P) Ltd., She holds a Bachelors in English Literature and Masters in Applied Psychology and Child Care & Education. She has been in the field of education and teaching for several years and has worked with various reputed institutions. She dons various hats as a storyteller, teacher and also actively involves in various children related programmes. Her storytelling sessions are based on mindfulness and every story is weaved by her to ensure “Wellness through Happiness” to bring out the richness of daily life & living.
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