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5:30 pm IST


A Mindfulness based Summer Retreat for Kids!

It’s summer time and the learning continues…

Gift your child the goodness of Mindful Summer Retreat for Kids @ AskKrishna Center for Mindfulness.

This 3 hour program is designed and delivered by Psychologists to impart mindfulness to children. Topics such as fear, anger, love, sensitivity, awareness, relationships and other aspects of daily life and living is imparted through

Mindfulness Meditation
Mindful Movement & Music
Mindful Eating
Mindful Storytelling
Mindful Story Making based on observation, awareness & sensitivity.

How does PowerLeap+ help your child?

-Helps your child to primarily understand the different behavioural tantrums they throw at parents or with friends & relatives
– Increases academic performance & mathematical quotient
– Improves sleep & eating
– Improves focus, concentration & memory
– Specific issues related to your child will also be addressed.

Date : April 9 – April 27, 2018 (Mon – Fri)
Age : 6 yrs onwards
Time : 10am -1pm
Venue : AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness
#9, Race Course , Coimbatore

The program will be facilitated by :
Krishna – Mindfulness & Leadership Coach
Manjula – Mindful Storyteller
Surabhi – Mindful Movement & Music trainer



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