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FaceLess Leadership

What is Faceless Leadership?

Every leader at the business unit level and at the corporate level, understands the importance of having a great team and working as a team. They are also able to build a team with great potential and skills, but why is that every organization or company not able to deliver as a great team?

Let’s take an example to understand this
A person addicted to smoking, smokes despite knowing that smoking is injurious to health. In fact, the cigarette package shouts out loud of the hazard with disturbing pictures. Still smoking continues.

The same goes with leadership teams and their understanding of building great teams.

Leadership and Management aren’t same

Managers and leaders are different breeds. A manager manages the resources, helps team achieve the targets, gets things done, etc. A leader sets the direction, carries a vision, identifies opportunities, and more.
It means – a manager operates in the known. A leader operates in the unknown. But, if you look at it deeply – certain companies start by being very innovative but become obsolete over a period of time. You for sure,would have seen several such companies in your personal experience.

Two key aspects hold the key to this phenomenon:
Fear : Over time, due to several reasons, fear limits a leader to move away from the known and embrace change.

Loneliness : As we all know, it is lonely at the top.

What if you could end fear and loneliness? By understanding fear and loneliness beyond its cause and effects, the mechanics of fear is revealed. Similarly, when purpose is revealed, in that purpose, the leader is reflected.

Faceless doesn’t imply the non-existence of a physical identity. It denotes the unknown and not about losing one’s identity or face. It is about sustainability and organizational wellness – complete leadership!

Key Takeaways
1. Core Components of Mindful Leadership
2. Alternative ways of thinking
3. Mindful communication as a tool to enhance organisational outcomes
4. New Potential that redefines Leadership Performance
5. Understanding Purpose Driven Leadership

Targeted Outcomes
1. Being a Mindful Leader : Essential first step to High Performance Teams
2. Making innovation work for you every day : Learn to think like a Master Creator
3. Ending Fear : Embracing change and leveraging the unknowns
4. Understanding : Solution Oriented VS Problem Oriented Communication

The program is ideated & delivered by :
Krishna – Mindfulness & Leadership Coach

Krishna holds Bachelors in Physics and Masters in Psychology, Yoga, Computer
Applications, Business Administration and Educational Administration. He has
over two decades of experience and has designed and delivered talk shows,
training programs and L&D content for corporate and institutions based on
mindfulness. He blends ideas from Psychology, Mythology, Management, and
Leadership to deliver content using cognitive training approaches, anecdotal
ideation, storytelling, and insight building questions.

Date: June 23, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 9 am- 5 pm
Venue: Calydon Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.,
364/365, 5th Link Street, Nehru Nagar, Kandanchavadi, Chennai – 600096

For Registrations, contact: 98407 32055 / 96889 66449



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