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Dialogue with Krishna – “What is Meditation?“

Dialogue with Krishna – “What is Meditation?”

Dialogue with Krishna (DwK) is a platform where topics of discussion challenging varied aspects life & living are taken up and mindfully dialogued, thus uncovering insights that create an impact.

When you come across the word MEDITATION… what comes to your mind?

• It’s not for me
• It’s something religious or spiritual
• It’s very difficult
• It’s a humbug
• I cannot practice or do it
• I cannot control or stop my thoughts and mind chattering
• I don’t know how to do it
• I’ve to sit in an uncomfortable position for a long time and I’ll not be able to do it
• It’s very difficult for me to concentrate or focus, and I get distracted very easily.

Misconceptions about Meditation

• Sitting quietly and closing your eyes
• Have to concentrate on one thing or something continuously
• Only sitting and doing it
• To get distracted implies there is something wrong with me
• Need lots of time to practice, learn and master it

So what is meditation all about?
Is it for you?
Can you meditate?

Are you curious to know and get answers to such questions?

Then, come join Dialogue with Krishna on Meditation, a free session to understand and experience what meditation is all about!

Venue : AskKrishna Centre for Mindfulness, #9, Race Course, Coimbatore
Date : 8.4.2018 (Sunday)
Time : 11 am



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Krishna is a Founder Director of AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness (P) Ltd. He holds a Bachelors in Physics & Masters in Yoga, Psychology, Computer Applications & Business Administration.

Krishna, a mindfulness coach with over two decades of experience, continues to guide organizations, leaders and people from varied walks of life towards “Wellness through Happiness”  that brings out the richness of daily life & living.
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