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The Story of why Krishna
started AskKrishna

AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness

Journey of Krishna to AskKrishna

There is a fundamental human need to be better and continuously evolve, which is the most compelling aspect of this beautiful journey called life. It is an authentic need to be a better human, as an individual, as a family and in business too.

Krishna, a mindfulness and leadership coach with over two decades of experience, felt it is not a question about the authenticity of your need, but more importantly about knowing how to be better and what it means to “being“ better. Thus, began the journey of AskKrishna.

With Masters in Psychology, Yoga, Computer Applications, Business Administration and Educational Administration, he has been the key driver behind the various corporate and institutional programs at AskKrishna.

Over the last 20 + years, he along with the AskKrishna team has delivered training programs, learning and development content and talk shows for corporates and institutions, in the mindfulness domain.

AskKrishna – what it is now
Over the years, we at AskKrishna have become a strong team who are the concierge that synergizes with you (as an individual/ as a key organizational driver) to co-create, collaborate and be an equal partner in your journey to be better human beings, an all-round professional, help you build highly responsive and customer centric organizations and compassionate leaders.
As part of our journey together, we bring the essence of mindfulness through mindful organizations, mindful leadership and mindful living, to make you understand and enjoy your journey. This journey not only maximizes your potential, be it as an individual or as an organization but also helps you see what it is to discover yourself and how it impacts your life from moment to moment.

What we do at AskKrishna?
Our team with trans and interdisciplinary expertise and experience, backed with appropriate academic credentials and exposure, offer immense value addition to you as an individual and also for your business, through our non-conventional training and exploration programs. The whole learning is delivered in a highly engaging and impactful way by combining mindfulness, psychology, mythology, business and leadership. Our programs comprise the right mix of powerful stories, real time case studies, thought provoking and insightful questions that has transformative impact on you.

In due course of the journey our team often experiences beautiful moments where you get the real intelligence to rewrite your own story. Almost every day we see how this special collaboration continues to make your organizations more relevant, conscious.

Be a leader who is comprehensively ready to nurture and harness the power of present and now and most importantly to create your own happy (not just success) story.

Let’s transcend the “becoming” to “being”.

Team AskKrishna

A synthesis of human capital in the domains of Mindfulness, Psychology, Philosophy, Business Leadership, Storytelling, Education, Yoga & Meditation. The core team members include:

Our Core Team

Founder Director & Faculty


Areas of specialisation:
Mindfulness, Psychology, Business Leadership, Hindu Mythology and Meditation.
Responsible for Consultancy Practice, R&D Division and Core Knowledge Management.
Holds a Bachelors in Physics and Masters in Psychology, Yoga, International Business Administration, Computer Applications and Educational Administration.

Founder Director

Jagadeesh Chandran

Responsible for Strategic Initiatives, Networking, Organisational Development and Strategic Execution & Corporate Communications.
Holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Management from PSG-IM.

Founder Director & Faculty


Areas of Specialisation:
Dance and Movement based Learning, Psychology, Counseling, Mindful Parenting and Mindful Learning
Responsible for overall General Operations and Administration, Business Development, Digital Assets & Collateral and BR.ID.GE
Holds a Bachelors in Visual Communications and Masters in Mass Communications and Applied Psychology

Founder Director & Faculty


Areas of Specialisation:
Storytelling, Child Care & Education, Communicative English, Psychology and Mindful Learning
Responsible for Centre Administration & Activities, Children’s Learning Programs, General Administration and KadhaiTales
Holds a Bachelors in English and Masters in Child Care & Education and Psychology

Principal Consultant & Facilitator

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

Areas of specialisation:
Martech, Customer Engineering, Mindfulness in Marketing & Branding
Responsible for Strategic Brand Positioning & Communication, Strategic Marketing, Digital Asset Management and Cross Border Collaborations. He is a well known Author, Columnist, Speaker, Top 100 Martech Influencer & also the Director of Marketing at Fiind Inc, a Seattle based Artificial Intelligence startup powered by machine learning. He is known for his critically acclaimed books “Is Your Marketing in Sync or Sinking?“ & “Syncfluence“.
He holds Bachelors in Computer Science, Masters in Business Administraion and also a certificate from IIM-Kozhikode in Strategy Management.

AskKrishna Centre For Mindfulness

Outcome based Solutions

Bringing Mindfulness into your Lives, not just as theory or gyan but through practical ways.

Professional Speaker Services

Interesting, interactive, insightful & impactful | Key note address | Innovation camps | Corporate conferences | Launches | Forums, conventions & seminars | Orientation & induction programmes

Learn Mindfulness

Step by Step Learning Approaches I Learn from the Master I Insight Building Workbooks I Comprehensive Knowledge Domain I Intensive Case Studies I Practical & Pragmatic


Art & Science of Story-Telling I Impactful Pitches I Creative Learning I Expressive Reach I Build Your Story I Make a Difference

Organisational & Leadership Development

Mindful Leadership I Conscious Organisations I Synchronized Teams I Goal Directed I Harnessing & Nurturing the power of the “Present & Now“ as a strategy I Beyond Identities, Styles & Personalities I Creative Excellence

Research & Development

Harnessing the power of Creativity I Driven by Innovation I Learning through Understanding I Holistic & Integral approach to Knowledge Management

Consultancy Practise

Broad-based domain expertise I Hands on approach I Highly customised outcome based strategies I More than 100 years of cumulative experience

Joy Gallery

Beyond Words

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